Art and the Hard Turm Park

In 2012 the up-and-coming district of Zurich West had the honour of playing venue to Zurich’s Art and the City exhibition. As a grand finale to the city’s summer of art, of which the exhibition was a part, Hardturm AG sponsored the Art and the City prize, the winners of which were picked by an independent jury. The prizewinning work is now being displayed to the public in Hard Turm Park as part of the Art and the Hard Turm Park project.

Art and the City

The Art and the City event introduced yet another new facet to the cultural life of Zurich West. Forty-five artists were invited by Zurich’s municipal task force for public art (Arbeitsgruppe Kunst im öffentlichen Raum – AG KiöR) to present their work. On this basis an exhibition was held during the city’s summer of art in 2012, which gave the district an opportunity to show that it is a rising star on the cultural scene as well. Over this period the LIMMATWEST development, the Hard Turm Park and its immediate environs were each graced with one of the artworks.

Hardturm AG gets involved

Underlining its recognition of Zurich West’s cultural credentials, Hardturm AG bought the winning artwork. The proximity of Hard Turm Park to the new University of the Arts on the former Toni site was another factor that inspired Hardturm AG to get involved in culture in Zurich West.


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