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227 Hard Turm Park, Zürich

227 Hard Turm Park, Zürich

The step-by-step development of Zurich’s Hardturm area began on the basis of a master plan that came into effect in 2006, following an initial planning study conducted that year to demonstrate the feasibility and financial viability of the work. The first stages of the development are now finished, and only the 227 HARD TURM PARK project – the last tile of the mosaic – remains to be completed.

The site, consisting of one plot for residential and one for non-residential units, is in the immediate vicinity of the future stadium square. The southern part of the building along Pfingstweidstrasse will house some 19,000 square metres of office space spread over six floors, while the building facing the park and away from Pfingstweidstrasse will contain around 100 mid-range apartments.

227 HARD TURM PARK was designed by Gmür & Geschwentner Architekten AG. Construction will commence shortly.

  • Hardturm AG
  • Gmür Geschwentner Architekten AG
  • H&B Real Estate AG
  • Takt Baumanagement AG
  • Förrlibuckstr. / Pfingstweidstr.
    8005 Zürich
  • 2012-2017
  • 108
  • 25
  • 2.5-rooms - 5.5-rooms-flats, office space