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Breitensteinstrasse, Zürich

Breitensteinstrasse, Zürich

The BREITENSTEINSTRASSE development is on the right bank of the Limmat, at the southern foot of the Hönggerberg hill within very easy reach of the Hönggerberg, Waidberg and Käferberg recreation areas.

Property details and architecture

This development on the south-facing slope of the Hönggerberg hill between Sydefädeli and Breitensteinstrasse was designed by ADP Architekten AG. The kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms of the flats, which range in size from studios with an additional small room to four and a half bedroom apartments, face south towards the Limmat, while the bedrooms look onto the quiet inner courtyards. The development’s position on the slope creates an entrance floor that lets in a large amount of natural light and can be used for commercial purposes. The doors to the stairs are also located on this level.

  • Hardturm AG
  • ADP Architekten
  • H&B Real Estate AG
  • Breitensteinstr. 82 - 89
    8049 Zürich
  • 1993 - 1995
  • 1.5- up to 5.5-rooms-flats