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The Hard Turm Park, located in the heart of Zurich West, consists of several buildings – of which the tower building is one – arranged along an area of green space to form a cohesive unit. It offers exclusive urban living space surrounded by greenery where people can live, work, go shopping and relax. It is as cosmopolitan as it is cosy.

From concept to master plan

Right from the start, the development of the Hardturm area was planned and designed in close collaboration between the owner of the site and the municipal authorities. The process started in 2003 with the launch of a joint development plan by Hardturm AG and the City of Zurich. A competition was held to find the best urban development plan from the area, and the team ADP Architekten AG/Vetsch Nipkow Partner emerged triumphant. The urban development concept for the Hardturm area was then prepared on the basis of that plan and completed in 2005, and the elements of the master plan as required under planning law were drawn up.

The project consists of three development sites, each with a courtyard structure, and an eighty-metre-high tower building. The centrepiece of the new area is a publicly accessible city square, while other generous open spaces and squares provide a high quality of life for residents and workers and a pleasant experience for visitors. The interior of the development is very quiet because no cars can enter it. The terraced workers’ houses on Förrlibuckstrasse have been preserved out of respect for the Hardturm area’s industrial heritage.


With access to the A1 motorway nearby, Hard Turm Park is very well connected for travel by car towards Basel, Bern and western Switzerland. Its presence is felt far and wide, and together with the Migros tower it forms a gate to the city of Zurich.

Hard Turm Park can be reached from two stops on the Zurich West tram line, one directly in front of the Business Plaza and the tower building, the other closer to Zurich Stadium. It is served by several bus routes and, to top off its excellent transport links, is also within very easy reach of the commuter rail stations Hardbrücke and Altstetten.

Current project status

The master plan is being implemented in stages. Ultimately Hard Turm Park will be a mixed-use development incorporating apartments, offices, shops and places for leisure and entertainment.

The first step was the construction of the building at number 104 Pfingstweidstrasse, which provides access to the underground car park for the entire development and has entrances on the side facing the park – after which Hard Turm Park was named – and the Business Plaza, on which the high-rise stands.
The tower building is now home to a high-end hotel and a selection of desirable privately owned flats.

Construction of the two buildings near the new stadium, at numbers 106/108 and 110 Pfingstweidstrasse, is currently underway.

Hard Turm Park

Hard Turm Park combines a high quality of life with a wide range of different types of space. This last large undeveloped area in Zurich West is being turned into a vibrant, self-contained district with highly individual, modern apartments, its own park and public squares, offices, a range of shops and amenities, restaurants, bars, two hotels, a nursery and a crèche. The first construction stage was completed in autumn 2012, with the last due for completion in 2017. The total area of the site along Pfingstweidstrasse between the new stadium and the railway viaduct is the size of six football pitches. Far above the rest of the development are the 121 privately owned flats with sweeping views over the buzzing district of Zurich West and its surroundings. Hard Turm Park enjoys outstanding transport links. Two stops on the new Zurich West tram line, taking passengers straight from Hard Turm Park to Zurich’s main train station and to a choice of two commuter rail stations, have been in operation since the line opened in December 2011. With access to the A1 motorway nearby, Hard Turm Park is also superbly connected for travel by car towards Basel, Bern, central and western Switzerland and Zurich Airport.

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