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com.West is located on the former Schoeller site, directly opposite the LIMMATWEST development. Zurich West feels like a vibrant, cosmopolitan city in microcosm. Those living there can enjoy a contemporary cultural and gastronomic ambience, museums, galleries, films, theatre, concerts, sports, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and more.

Property details and architecture

com.West consists of two long, six-storey buildings joined together from the second floor upwards by three perpendicular structures. Two large internal courtyards and a continuous shopping arcade featuring retail units and a restaurant have been incorporated at ground level.

The rooms, which can be divided up as desired both horizontally and vertically, can be reached quickly and directly via six utility service shafts, each with their own entrance, passenger lift and goods lift.

The architecture and structural design of the building are very transparent, which allows the rooms to be used, divided up and fitted out in a huge variety of ways.

  • Hardturm AG
  • Kuhn Fischer Partner Architekten
  • Hardturmstr. / Förrlibuckstr.
    8005 Zürich
  • 2000 - 2002